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You have done a number of years rising up as early to catch a bus or train to be in the office as early and keep off losing points in performance appraisal.

You are now feeling that you can be your own boss and in control of your working schedule. You feel that this is a great idea that will ultimately pay off for you.

However, you need to have enough knowledge on how to go about all this and ensure that it does not boomerang on you at any cost.

We are going to prepare you for the actualization of your idea carefully. If you go through the given points nicely, you are sure to make your freelancing career beautiful and very satisfying.

Set up your accounting system

You do not need to go to accounting classes before you become a freelancer.

However, as a successful freelancer, you need to understand essential financing functions in your freelancing life.

Take into account your payment structure to be able to decide how your payment pattern ought to look like.

In this regard, you will need to establish the sort of payments you should accept, the time frame of receiving the fees and the frequency of invoicing.

Seek professional partnerships

Going solo is excellent and might be the reason as to why you sought to venture as a freelancer.

Following your dream is okay. However, there are professional partnerships that you need to foster based on the nature of your engagements.

Seeking the services of a law firm is excellent. This is just but one of the professional partnerships that you will have to be wise not to ignore.

This among others such as accountants will help run a successful freelance career.

Identifying and establishing a workspace

One thing that is very important before making a move towards freelancing is to identify a good workspace even before the commencement of your freelancing career.

Whether you will be working from home or other spaces, it is critical to make the decision based on the pros and cons of working from home or even having your personal space or co-sharing to reduce the cost in renting.

It is in making such decisions that you will need the services of your accountant to help lay your account information bare for you.

Handle the basics as early as possible

You don’t just wake up and kick off immediately before you can manage the basics of engaging in freelancing.

This is an important take since it is what underlines the success of your freelancing career.

With the basics in place, you are able to forecast on your internal and to some level external freelancing environment and thus make informed decisions.

Set up an operational schedule

This is where it matters when you get into the real business.

It is crucial to come up with a working schedule that shares your aspirations.

With a well-drafted plan, you are assured of a smooth operation and successful freelancing career.

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About the author : Sam Kituu

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