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*Vulnerability blog*-“I was way out of my depth!” [by Ryan Magdziarz]

Last week we moved into a new office. Out with the old and in with the new ?In October 2017 I signed a lease for a 80-100 person office in South Melbourne with city views and it was sexy is hell.
I forked out a ton on a luxe fit out and geared up for rapid expansion.

I bit off more than I could chew!
It was one of the worst financial decisions I’ve made in business ?? but it was also one of the best learnings I’ve had since I started in business…

It was the perfect representation of the limiting pattern I had at the time…

I was growing from a place of insecurity, not from a place of worth.

I was striving to prove my worth to myself and the world and with every stumble I had, I would work harder, bring more courage and force myself and set the bar higher.

There’s nothing wrong with hustling it out and working hard, but place where I was coming from was the issue…

Over the last 12-18 months I’ve been on a huge journey of finding love for myself ?? consciously I believed I was fantastic, but sub-consciously there were wounds to heal and a deep conditional love strategy with myself!

Coming out the other side of this tumultuous last 18 months, I’ve finally found a place to grow from that not only allows me to love myself fully and f*cking enjoy the process, but is taking my business effectiveness and efficiency through the roof.

Would love for some courageous readers to email back with their belief about where they are at on this journey OR anyone sharing their thoughts on the email ???


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About Ryan Magdziarz:

Ryan is a master of marketing, sales and business growth.
Before the age of 21 Ryan had started and run multiple successful ventures, including a marketing agency that he grew to a team of 8 people, an app that gathered over 100,000 downloads in the first 4 weeks and many more.
After a painstaking life breakthrough, Ryan realized his birth purpose and Winning International was born with the mission of raising a billion dollars for charity.
Before age 22 Ryan had grown Winning to a 7-Figures and changed 100’s of coaches’ lives. With Ryan’s leadership Winning is currently on track to be the biggest organization in the world helping coaches grow their businesses.

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