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It is important to appreciate this fact that you can do what you enjoy most and still get paid handsomely.

This is one thing that has everyone excited if they are gaining from what they enjoy doing.

Most of your favorite jobs are not what you do for a living since they are underpaying or even not paying at all.

Imagine getting a great formula for how to work and earn from your favorite career. I’m sure this is good news that you are willing to explore.

We will sample for some top jobs that are both well compensated and stimulating to build up your ego.

A software engineer

This is where you as the engineer enjoy yourself by creating or building software that is responsible for running the digital world and making socialization a new reality to behold. If you enjoy seeing people connecting and getting paid through clicks made by the app user you are in the right place. You can be able to take advantage of the medical field by creating the commonly used medical databases. Software building is a creation of engineers, and as an engineer, you are in a good position of creating your software and earn, earn and earn.


You are the person who helps piece up to the work of art from behind the scenes. This is something that you need to have confidence in. There is good money when it comes to the need to have the best in terms of what is showcased on the screens. This is paid as handsomely as you display that high level of creativity to make your production a blockbuster. All filmmakers will go for the most creative producer to make their play the best in film awards.

Film director

You may not want to miss out in appreciating that being a film director brings the creative side out strongly. Your job here entails making the production come to life strongly. You are to showcase your creativity by organizing every aspect of the production to ensure the right quality of the film graces the theatre. The script, as well as visual effect, must come out as the best. It is your creativity that will bring the best in all this. A great piece will automatically translate to a juicy pay. This role is vital in the film industry and thus so paying.

Video game designer

You are an expert video game designer who enjoys entertaining users. You may not know it but working on this field is based on a high level of creativity. The challenges are many as involved in the creation of the final product. However, this task is hugely rewarding, and that is why gaming has become a booming industry and growing each day. It is your level of creativity that determines the popularity of your game. With such a reaction from the market, you enjoy high returns. This will make you a favorite in the industry and thus so expensive to hire. Gaming might appear just as a simple pastime but it is both rewarding and a path to your financial satisfaction.

About the author : Sam Kituu

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