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Talking Miss Africa Perth with Nqobile Valerie Mpofu

Nqobile was one of the Miss Africa Perth 2017 finalists and she’s expressed interest in joining the POCreative team. We welcome her with open arms and have taken this opportunity to share her experience with MAP, and what to expect from her after the program.


Miss Africa Perth is an event that gives us an opportunity to showcase African heritage i.e. culture, fashion, traditions, music, art and beauty, it provides a snapshot of cultural and social identities and serves the purpose of strengthening community cohesiveness and promoting cultural understanding, it is a way of infusing these into the wider community and making our presence felt, as Africans.

Q – Hi Nqobile. Tell us, why did you join MAP2017?

I joined MAP2017 because I wanted to do something that would push me out of my comfort zone and I also wanted a confidence boost.

Q – What was your experience in the program and working alongside the other contestants like?

It surely was an eye-opening experience. The opportunity to work and network with such wonderful and amazing women was exciting, to say the least! The other contestants were very kind and encouraging, and at times it didn’t even feel like we were competing at all because we all rooted for each other!

Q – How did you feel when you made it into the final round?

At this point, I was already prepared for whatever outcome ahaha! But when I heard my name being called out, I was surprised and I also felt proud of myself for being able to continue on to the next stage.

Q – What were your biggest challenges in the preparation?

For me, it had to be coming up with something good to do for my talent ahaha! I was not even going to sing! But one day at one of our band rehearsals, George (the band leader), Shane (the guy who played the mbira) and I were talking about Zimbabwean traditional music and it so happened that we all liked Chiwoniso Maraire! George then asked if could sing a line, I said no at first but eventually gave in after much convincing. I can remember one of the coach’s facial expressions plain as day when I told her that I was going to sing instead for my talent, she gave me that ‘are you sure?’ face ahaha! Since I’d never sung in front of anyone ever, I was so afraid of what people would think so I had to deal with my own insecurities in that respect, that had to be the biggest challenge!

Q – Who showed you the most support during the different stages of the preparation?

So many people supported me throughout the journey but I have to say Kudzai Tsokota, Chiedza Mutyavaviri, Monica Kanengoni, Taneeka Hall, Jenny Mutsambiwa, Bubalina Jessica Parincia Ponzio and Jess Indrawirawan-Roberts were my biggest cheerleaders! They’re the ones who’d always give me words of encouragement, they were there when I’d whine about not being able to find a dress for the competition or if I thought my debut singing was going to be disastrous ahaha!

Q – What lessons did you learn from MAP and would you recommend it to others?

Like I mentioned before, this really has been an eye-opening experience! But one of the main lessons for me has to be to let each experience be its own experience. To learn to leave things in the past and yet be able to carry forward valuable lessons to the future. Do not limit yourself! Absolutely nothing is impossible!

Q – What’s next now that MAP is over?

Wow, that’s a great question!! I feel like I can do anything now! I am working on a few things so you’ll be hearing about them in the near future ?

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