Our Story

Our childhood memories are filled with the fragrant aromas that wafted from the kitchen, drifting through the house to entice us away from our play.

The source of those aromas…our grandmothers, mothers and aunts cooking up a tropical storm whilst laughing and joking, caring and sharing.

One would be at the stove, boiling jaggery-sugar syrup or milky concoctions to just the right consistency, whilst another would roast spice-mixes from generations past.

One would make easy work of the pestle and mortar, another rolling doughs, mixing batters and drizzling sauces, all working together seamlessly to create incredibly delicious treats (palakaram/mithai)!

Being first generation Aussies, living here in the 80s, our spices, ingredients and utensils were not easy to come by.

Their sheer determination ensured that the flavour palettes from one of the world’s most ancient cultures would not be lost to their children.

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