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Reasons to hire a virtual assistant than an employee

virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant is one of the inclusions in freelancing. They provide administrative services from a remote area and accomplish the client’s task demands without having to work at a full-time basis because they mostly prefer to work in a flexible time. But what is the difference between having to hire a virtual assistant instead of an employee?

While an office employee working full time is expensive, these are the reasons, why you would rather have a virtual assistant:

A Virtual Assistant costs less than a full-time employee.

While you pay for the benefits and hourly rate of your full-time employee, a Virtual Assistant only requires you to pay for their hourly rate. If they don’t work, you don’t pay.

They have their own work space.

You don’t need to spare a space from your office for your virtual assistant. They work remotely and they use their own equipment for work.

Ability to stay on schedule.

Employees has the chance to waste time for being paid full-time per day, while Virtual Assistants spend their time wisely because they get paid in accordance to the length and quality of their works.

Helps balance your work.

Virtual Assistants work depending on the tasks the clients give them. They don’t limit their selves from administrative tasks but can also do personal errands like booking a flight or restaurants.

Time flexibility.

Virtual Assistants can work on either full-time or flexible time but most VA’s prefer flexible time for convenience. Thus, companies and businesses who are in need of assistance during night time, weekends or seasonal and peak activity times are welcome to hire VA’s unlike with employees who are unavailable at the said schedule.

These are the reasons on why to hire a virtual assistant than an employee. After reading this, you might wonder on hiring a virtual assistant of your own. We, in the Precious Works, provide virtual assistance services and social media management to help you in your growing business.

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