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Post lockdown photography — yuri rasin photography

post lockdown photography

People in France, like in many other countries are anxiously waiting for the lockdown to be over. Only one week to go, although I feel that the streets will be filled during the upcoming week. I see more and more people outside during my daily 1km walk. Some with masks, some without. I haven’t seen street photographers around yet…

I was wondering, like many of us who shoot on the streets, what will change? What will be different for us after this pandemic? How will we approach street photography?

I’m not the guy who likes to get too close to people with my camera but sometimes it’s necessary for a desired effect. At times you want to capture emotions from close. And I have a fixed 28m lens on my Fuji so I do the zooming with my feet.

Will we be shooting more landscape, urban environment, macro? Many might consider getting those long scary zoom lenses out and shooting like snipers from 100 meters away, which totally kills the intimacy of the subject in the picture (sorry about all the puns..:)

Or we wouldn’t change and carry on where we left it… I don’t think I’ll be changing a lot in my approach. I’m interested in human interaction with the environment and I think we also have responsibility to document what is really happening on our streets as there is too much false information we’re being fed on a daily basis.

Walkabout, Montpellier 2016

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