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We live in a time where one in every 18 people globally owns his or her own business.

Are you a person who has what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 

There are different ideas and myths about entrepreneurs that can discourage any person who wants to become an entrepreneur from starting his or her own business. 

These myths can break your spirit and make you fail to start that business that you have been dreaming about.  There are various reasons why people decide to become entrepreneurs; some people begin companies to pursue a business opportunity.

Other people choose to become entrepreneurs because nowadays starting your own business is one of the most promising ways of earning a living.

Whatever your reason may be to become an entrepreneur, it is crucial if you understood what it takes to start and manage your own business. 

One of the best places to start when learning about entrepreneurship is getting to know and understand the myths and misconceptions that surround entrepreneurship.

Understanding the challenges, myths, and misconceptions about entrepreneurship will help you figure out what it truly takes to achieve success in the operations of your business.

Discussed below in this article are some of the common myths and assumptions that surround entrepreneurship.

Launching a business quickly leads to wealth

There are many entrepreneurs out there who started their businesses with the belief that they will earn a lot of money within a short time frame—fast.

There are few notable companies out there that became successful immediately they were launched, the vast majority of companies take more time to become successful.

Two of the most prominent entrepreneurs’ tasks include properly timing the company’s expansion and sustaining the growth of the company.

All you need to start a business is a good idea

Most people have this big misconception that the only requirement that you need to become an entrepreneur is to have that one great idea.

Having a great idea for a company is indeed something that you need to have when starting a business, however, this notion can be misleading.

If you study history on some of the best ideas that helped build some of the successful companies— all needed some proper execution for them to become a reality.

Having a great idea is important, but so is talent, planning, leadership, and other vital factors.

Entrepreneurs are people who are born that way

Many people around the world believe that entrepreneurs are people who are born that way— they also think that it is the people who have some specific talents who can be entrepreneurs.

The truth of the matter is, anyone no matter where you are from can become an entrepreneur as long as you learn and understand the necessary skills.

What you need to understand about entrepreneurship is that it is a learned skill and not a natural-born ability. 

Starting a new business will give you freedom

Not many people enjoy the traditional routine of going to work every weekday from 9-to-5. Many employees start their businesses with the hope of breaking from this 40-hour work routine.

What most people don’t understand is that when you leave the old work schedule, you exchange the program you once had as an employee together with your creative limitations with new demands.

Sacrifice is required if you want to become an entrepreneur. There are days where you will find yourself working all day with no work break.

As an entrepreneur, work does not end when the clock strikes 5.p.m.

About the author : Sam Kituu

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