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Originally published in FOAA Mag Issue 2

MISS BY JESSICA BRATICH: A youth accessories label catering to girls from toddler to tween age.

When Jessica Bratich, a Perth based designer specialising in accessories, reached out to FOAA looking for an African model for her new range of kids handbags, little did we know that the editorial shoot would pave a way for the first FOAA Kids Runway. The local designer is using her new range of little bags for young girls to promote diversity, tolerance and the joys of childhood – a vision FOAA is proud to be affiliated with in our year of milestones.

Jessica’s frustration in seeing young girls constantly carrying tacky or age-inappropriate handbags brought her to design a range of “classic” yet very cute bags for toddlers and tweens. This is something we rarely see, but when done right can make a big difference and impact as well. She has also recruited young Perth model Emily Prior as the Face of Miss by Jessica Bratich. The nine-year-old Emily has cerebral palsy, and is an ambassador for WA-based ad-inclusion movement Starting With Julius.

“And for me it’s not only about kids like Emily seeing people like themselves in the media, (but) it’s also demonstrating that to my own kids and teaching them respect. Teaching them that everyone is the same when it comes down to it,” Jessica says.

As inspiration always comes from somewhere and Jessica’s was from her own four year old daughter Rubika. She was inspired to create the range after Rubika joined her at the design table –

“She was sitting down drawing with me so I thought it was a really good way to include her — and to stop her stealing my bags too,” she said.

It only makes sense as an accessory designer that she opted to create a children’s range rather than go through years of sharing bags with her daughter. She comments on how these designs are not too grown-up making kids look way older than they are which scares her as a mum. It was important to keep them pretty, feminine and age-

appropriate. We couldn’t agree more and fully support the idea of stylish but decently dressed youths.

Image Credits – Lauren K Photography

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