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Meet Riya Jain – Virtual Assistant

Company name: Namo Padmavati

City: Hyderabad

Country: India

All of only 20 during its inception, Riya Jain founded ‘Namo Padmavati’ in April of 2018. She was fresh out of her first job as an Operational Manager at a fast-growing outsourcing firm. Her first job introduced her to the world of entrepreneurship and inspired her to start something of her own.

Growing up, Riya was the personification of the rich brat cliché. She got everything that she asked for and never managed to value anything. But life came crashing down for her just as she was to enter adulthood. Her parents separated after which she was forced to turn into the sole breadwinner of her family. The girl in her with no ambitions suddenly turned into a woman armed with goals and a purpose to unleash her true potential. College took a backseat and work turned into worship. Riya says she’s glad that life chose this for her. It taught her the power of change that can only happen when one steps out of one’s comfort zone. She’s truly living the saying – necessity is the mother of invention.

Riya’s family was her pillar of strength when she had nobody else to count on and they continue to support and inspire her. Namo Padmavati, which means greetings to the new beginnings of life after facing a lot of dirt would not have been possible if not for them.

Riya helped many entrepreneurs worldwide in getting their business in place. She has been a great leader and a project manager and handled a lot of complex projects so far. But this is just the beginning.

Namo Padmavati aims to assist entrepreneurs in handling the non-core aspects of their businesses so that they can not only stay focused on the big picture but also spare quality time for their loved ones.

Namo Padmavati’s success lies in the success of our clients whose minds are always bursting with plans and ideas for their businesses. We’re always here to hear you out and provide you with assistance, no matter what the time of day or night.

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