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Meet Prema Smith

Actor, Model and Photographer based in New South Wales, Australia.

Born in Sri Lanka & growing up in Tasmania, Prema Smith was never bound to be your average aspiring actor.

Having worked and lived around people from many creeds and cultures, overcoming adversities while assisting youth with mental health issues, it’s safe to say he has a niche for empathy.

Prema moved to Sydney in 2013 to pursue acting and he hasn’t wasted a day since. Having initially received his formal acting education at The Actors Pulse in the Sanford Meisner Technique, Prema was casted in first supporting role in 2014‘s feature film “Bad Day in Belgrade” and following that, claimed a supporting lead role in the play “The Couple of Bengal”.

But he didn’t stop there. Following his inaugural success, Prema has kept himself unquestionably busy and has gained a vast of experience as an actor and director. 2015 saw his inaugural lead in “Your Numbers Up”.

From there, Prema continued to master his acting is various gigs such as the lead in “Deadly woman” & “Ultility Company”.

He also featured in renown commercials by “Australians Love Their Lamb” and played an honoured lead in Australia’s Marriage Equality campaign. He didn’t skip a beat on the directing front having also directed and produced the popular series “First World Relationships”.

Other highlights includes popular series “The Other Guy; a Stan original comedy drama created by and starring comedian & radio-host Matt Okine where Prema acted in a support lead.

Prema also recently directed and starred in “Cops Enemy” and “The Pitch” directed by Daniel Green where he plays Max Swift, an aspiring hip hop artist.

Prema also has over a decade experience in business and customer service, from owning his own restaurant to various roles in the hospitality industry, he has developed a natural aptitude for versatility as well as a sought-after work ethic.

Aside from acting, Prema is also a singer/song writer and motivational speaker.

[Source: Prema’s LinkedIn bio]

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