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Meet Leroy – The Comedian

It’s comedy season in Melbourne and the best time to introduce one of our upcoming favourites, Leroy!

Leroy is a Perth based comedian, MC, Red Carpet host, you name it! After a recent chat with him, we’ve learnt he’s keen to start working on a solo tour so Australia get ready to see him live. Like anything else, dreams take a bit of time, so while we all wait let’s follow his page and watch his feed closely…


We’ll leave you with these “wise words” while you process this post:


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  1. Otis Radcliff

    I heard some news about Eddie Murphy. I guess on the Jimmy Kimmel show he made an anouncement. I guess he’s going to do stand up comedy again. And i think he’s going to do SNL as well? Never thought I’d see that happen!

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