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Meet JoJo Husain – business start-up & strategy coach

jo ho husain

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I’m JoJo, a wife, mom of 3, business startup & strategy coach and photographer.

But something you may not know, I’m also a huge introvert!

For those who don’t know what that is, introverts get their energy by being alone and become drained being around others for a long extent of time.

For a long time I HATED being an introvert. I would be around my extroverted friends and always think something was wrong with me, like why can’t I be more sociable and talkative like them?!

And as a business owner I always felt this was my weakness.

I look at extroverts like they have all the super power! I’d say to myself:

-I wish I could be confident to do a facebook live
-I wish I had the guts to go up to someone and strike up a conversation
-I wish I could brag about myself and my business
-I wish I could speak on stage
-I wish I could attend networking events and have zero anxiety

Truth is guys, I wished all these things, but because I know I’m an introvert I didn’t think those things was something I could do.

Meaning, if I were to do it, I think I’d feel very unnatural to who I am.

I remember at the beginning of the year working with a coach and telling him that doing all the things he is recommending isn’t for an introvert.

Side note: Your beliefs shape your reality, but it doesn’t mean its fact.

So he told me ways in which I can do all these things and still be true to who I am. And guess what? I tried it, and I liked it!

I attended a couple networking events, even did some alone. I walked up to people and introduce myself.

I’m not going to lie, that took a lot of stepping outside of my comfort zone and I may have said something really stupid a time or two because that’s what introverts do when they don’t quite know what to say in large groups.

I’ve said yes to speaking engagements…. can we pause on this for a moment here. Holy Smoke! I did that ?!

I do FB lives all the time in my @bossladiesmakingithappen community. Now, I’m still working on the bragging about myself part, I’d much rather be the listener in a conversation. I’ll get there.

But point of all this is, a lot of times we use who we are as an excuse for not doing something that can change our lives. Does this sound familiar, “that’s just the way I am”?

This was me for a long time, but then I decided to not let who I am serve as a crutch to who I want to be! I’m done with the crutches because I CAN walk! I can walk out and be ok being uncomfortable, be ok with change. I do it every day!

But there is something very special about being an introvert. We connect with people on a deep level. And extroverts … y’all need us!?.

Be and love who you are, you’re God’s masterpiece and how dare you critique the amazingness God created! ?

Final note: Don’t let who you are now stop you from being who you are meant to become! You’re meant to impact this world!

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