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Meet Awa Khiwe – Zimbabwe’s trending Afro Hip Hop Artist

awa khiwe

She appears to have emerged out of nowhere, but this queen has been around for a while. Awa Khiwe trended just hours after announcing her new song in the tweet below:

So who is Awa Khiwe and why should people care?

According to an interview she did 4 years ago (yes, we’ve been sleeping on her for that long), She is described as an 

“inspiring Zimbabwean rapper [AWA] who comes from the troubled southern township of Makakoba. Despite the many challenges she’s faced, from sexual blackmail to domestic violence, she is determined to not only forge a career as a hip hop artist but to tackle these issues in her music.”

Through a YouTube search of her name, you can tell she’s been around performing and collaborating for a while, but we feel like she’ll be giving the more popular rappers a run for their money as her short tweet alone proves she can compete and soar!

Awa Khiwe combines English and Ndebele in her rap, and appeals to the broader Southern African audience because it sounds like Zulu/Xhosa. Those who don’t understand those languages simply enjoy the clicking sound, which makes her fun to watch for a diverse range of hip-hop and afro-culture lovers.

Source: Facebook Page

Supporting Awa Khiwe means standing behind authentic voices, as she definitely is one which is refreshing to see. Most people put on an act to try and appear as natural as she does. This takes away from the genuine, raw talent that exists out there.

Now that this gem has shown herself to us, we need to help her and others in her shoes rise. Putting her on the map means putting her culture, community and country out there too.

We need to learn her story, and start to find and similar ones to get back to the times when we saw talent for what it is meant to be.

Thank you for taking the leap, Awa Khiwe. 

Comment below with your thoughts on supporting emerging talent, and if you want more stories like this on out creative spotlight.

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