M.A.D. FLAVOURS Competition Show Down – ONCE YOU’VE HAD A TASTE OF THE GOOD STUFF YOU WON’T GO BACK! #madflavoursinyourear

M.A.D. FLAVOURS is a talent competition curated to showcase Melbourne’s emerging talent on a world class stage. The overall objective is to invest in the development of Victoria’s artists through exposure to the entertainment industry.

Melbourne is celebrated worldwide for being a city which has embraced and nurtured some of the most vibrant, innovative, creative, exciting, diverse and genre-bending music, arts and dance scenes across all cultures, backgrounds and ages.

This year, we’ve collaborated with our friends from the City of Melbourne & Federation Square to bring you the inaugural MUSIC, ARTS & DANCE (M.A.D.) FLAVOURS Competition. It’s fresh, it’s new and we want to give Melbourne’s emerging artists the platform to do what they do best.


Find out more about what’s in store for the night at www.madflavours.com.au.

DATE: Saturday 5 May 2018

TIME: 7:00PM ‘til we kick you out!

WHERE: Deakin Edge, Federation Square

DRESS CODE: It’s Melbourne, SO BE EXTRA! Dress to impress!

GOT SKILLS? If you think you’ve got M.A.D. FLAVOUR or know of anyone who does, whether they sing, rap, dance, act, perform magic, deliver spoken word, do stand up comedy or have a unique talent which needs to be showcased, let us know! We’re into everything, and we mean that. Auditions will be held on Sunday 15 April 2018. Register for your audition here: https://madflavours.com.au/got-skills