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Las Rosas: A Western Sydney Telenovela

Submitted by Miranda Aguilar,  Sydney

“Las Rosas, a Western Sydney Telenovela, is a new webseries production from Curious Works team of emerging, Western-Sydney based artists, the Curious Creators. We are a diverse group of artists and filmmakers who have come up through Curious Works community arts programs.”

The Trailer (HD):

Las Rosas, Australia’s first telenovela, tells a universal story of love, family and sisterhood set in Western Sydney. The story follows Marisol Mendez, a glamorous Latina woman who strives for upward mobility out of her housing commission home in Mt. Druitt, and her younger sister Mariana, who chafes at the idea of people trying to control how she grows up. As Mariana’s Quinceañera approaches, the sisters clash over the place of family and their traditional cultural practices in the modern Australian landscape. It is only with help of their friends that the sisters are able to come together to celebrate their family, their history, and their diverse paths to womanhood.

Las Rosas was created by the Curious Creators, a group of young grassroots emerging artists under Curious Works. This webseries has been, for many of them, their first time in a leading role on a production, both behind and in front of the camera. The story was a collaborative effort, with each of the writers bringing their own experiences and cultural viewpoints into the characters. Though the overall story is inspired by its Latin culture, all of the individual characters, from the steadfast Mia to the secretly romantic Sunny, are created by individual writers inserting their own multicultural perspectives into the story.

Daisy Montalvo, the Salvadorean director and creator of the characters Marisol and Mariana, based Marisol off of her own experiences growing up in Mt. Druitt. “I was too ashamed to admit I lived in housing or that I was from Western Sydney. I used to dress in really nice clothes and act a certain way to try avoid being seen as a Mount Druitt stereotype… Today I find being from Western Sydney empowering and I openly admit I live in housing.”

This desire to transcend the stigma associated with Western Sydney and create authentic stories is what brought the Curious Creators together on the project. From the writing, to production, and into post-production, Las Rosas is the product of young, Western Sydney artists showcasing not only their talents, but an unseen perspective on the variety and beauty of Western Sydney.

Las Rosas will be premiering its first episode on its Youtube Channel on September 29, with new episodes coming out every Saturday until November 3rd.

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Point of contact:
Miranda Aguilar, showrunner

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