A simple Income and Expenditure Template can keep you on top of your venture if you’re not gifted with numbers, which is a lot of creatives.

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What to expect

Log your daily income and expenses using the main tab as shown in the template example below. It will automatically calculate how much you should put aside for tax, and what remains as your net profit.

(NB: This can also be a good way to figure out how much to include in your invoice for tax, and get the full amount you deserve)

Income and Expenditure Template

The Summary tab will automatically calculate your monthly and yearly totals.

Income and Expenditure Template Summary

Our goal is to assist creatives and entrepreneurs in managing all aspects of their career, from Launch, Marketing to running a Business as a Self-Employed Contractor.

We encourage you to research and use our recommended resources, and also give feedback so we know that we’re providing useful information.

This Income and Expenditure Template is a free basic resource, and there are a lot of apps that automate this process even more. It is up to the individual to seek a solution that best suits their situation.

Look out for our budgeting template, as well as other free downloads to help you manage your finances better and still have most of your time spent being creative and doing what you’re most passionate about.

All the best!

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