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A freelancer is an individual who has a particular skill set which he/she uses to do jobs for various employers without necessarily committing to one.

It is common for businesses every once in a while to require assistance in getting some jobs done without really offering permanent employment, which comes with many financial obligations.

Despite the benefits of hiring such individuals, the vetting process is usually a very vigorous one considering most jobs are done online, and you may never meet with the person.

There are specific factors which you need to look out for, and some of them include:

The business should be confident that the freelancer has the required skills to carry out the job they are looking to outsource competently. The experience which they have had doing the jobs before and the challenges which they faced during the execution of previous works. This information is vital for the business to decide on the best candidate for the job.

Their work schedule- the freelancer may have perfect skillsets satisfactory level of experience to perform the way you want them to; however, if they cannot meet your deadlines, then they won’t the best choice. T

he business needs to know whether they are committed elsewhere and how much time they are willing to dedicate to the job daily. Although most of these individuals prefer working on their designated times, it may be necessary to agree on acceptable schedules if you want them to work with an employee from the business.

Communication- the business and the freelancer will have to communicate from time to time up until the work is done. Considering you can’t set up a meeting at the regular office hours, you will have to come up with a convenient time for both of you which you can talk depending on your time zones.

All in all, communication is essential to get updates on the progress of the job and ensure your deadlines will be met.

Price-  the business should hire the best possible services in the market at the most affordable rates. Depending on the size of the business, there will be a budget which they will have to adhere to when recruiting freelancers.

Understandably, cost and quality go hand in hand, but there should be a limit above which the business should decline the bid. If they agree on the price, the payment can be made in full either before or after completion of the task depending on its size, however, for big projects, it is advisable to pay a percentage before and finish off after the work is complete.

Referrals and reviews from previous clients who they worked with. It is crucial for the business to know if their previous clients were satisfied with the final work of the freelancers.

This is one of the best ways to asses a potential freelancer for your project however there are those who can do a good job but don’t have referrals because of restrictions by their previous client’s contracts to maintain their privacy.

About the author : Sam Kituu

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