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Creative entrepreneurship is the act of building up a business based on talent, which can be your own or that of another person.

The creative industry includes musicians, painters, dancers, etc. who synthesize their artistic ideas and turn them to be profitable enterprises.

Ingenuity, in itself, is a trait that any entrepreneur needs to enable them to come up with unique approaches to building various businesses.

However, considering the art world is very expansive, there are many ideas which can be utilized to build up a business some of which include:

Video production businesses– at the moment, there is a very high demand for professional video shoots from explainer video ads, music video shoots, movies, etc. which can be exploited to build a lucrative business that offers these services and more.

The consumption for videos has increased over the past few years with the various social media platforms making them easily shareable.

Marketing strategies have also adopted the use of short videos considering people easily remember audiovisual information longer than the traditional written text.

Musician- music communicates to people in very different ways. There are a lot of genres as of now, which are loved by various classes of people, but the bottom line is 99% of the human population loves a certain kind of music.

Musicians can, therefore, build a business around the art and target the audience group, which subscribes to their genre to make money from the craft.

Tattoo artist- body art is a craft that has been there since the olden days. However, with the new equipment in the market, these artists can make better and sophisticated tattoos which can be turned into a business considering there a significant number of people who like them and may sign up as customers.

Hairstylist-  both women and men need to have their hair done every once in a while. There is a lot these stylists can do with hair from dyeing, cutting, etc. which can be transformed to be a business.

Website designer- websites have come to be a necessity for every business to have. There is a need for all businesses to have a digital footprint or risk losing lots of potential customers who prefer online shopping services.

Web designers provide their skill, which makes the various websites appealing to customers and can be built into a business which offers its services for the newly developed sites or those that need updating.

Clothing designer- there is a vast market for new and fashionable clothing designs in the world.

People want to look good with the latest trends, and these artists can exploit these needs and start a business which meets the fashion demands.

Logo designer- a logo is a unique symbol which represents a particular brand; they are catchy and easy to remember, unlike the actual name of the business.

There are a lot of small businesses which are created daily in the world, and you can be providing your services in the design and development of their business logos.

About the author : Sam Kituu

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