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I’m a writer from Kenya, and this is a country that has a large number of people working online. In East Africa, we are the first country to work with 4G internet. In Africa, we are among the few countries that have the fastest internet speed. It’s through all these benefits that most Kenyans have had the opportunity to land online jobs such as academic writing and online article writing. – Sam Kituu

It was right after I finished high school when I first discovered that I had an interest in words.

Yes, I said it “words”!

In 2012 I first created my first Facebook page, which went by the name of “Mistari”. The word Mistari is a Swahili word for the word Lines in English or simply flirty poetry.

I first began posting flirty lines and poetry on this page back in the days. Many people in Kenya liked the page, and within one year, Mistari became one of the biggest pages in Kenya.  In 2012, Facebook pages were some of the things that were trending. By 2013 the page had a following of 110,000+ followers or likes as they referred to in Facebook.

I joined Campus in 2014, and that’s where I met Mwaluko. Mwaluko is the person who introduced me to freelance writing. He had observed how I managed Facebook pages and was amazed by the work I did as a Facebook page admin. I performed Facebook Page Admin Services for fun at the time. I had no idea what digital marketing entailed at the time. This guy Mwaluko first gave me articles to write for him, and he later paid me for the articles that I had written for him.

He made me dig deep on what content writing was all about. It was at this time that I discovered freelance article writing websites such as iWriter, Textbroker, among others. All you needed to work for clients all over the world was to create an online account on an online freelance writing account such as iWriter. I created my first account with iWriter and begun writing as a standard writer.

The pay for a standard writer is quite low compared to that of an elite writer in iWriter. Looking at my financial record, I needed to either upgrade from a standard writer or find a client who will pay me for what I’m worth.

As the years passed by I met a friend, who introduced me to LinkedIn marketing. If you have a passion for anything in life, then consider sharing your passion and social skills on great social media platforms such as Linkedin.  This friend of mine taught me what digital marketing is all about. He taught me how to have a LinkedIn Profile that attracts potential clients to your profile.

Email Marketing is something else that made me meet new clients from all over the world. I learned how to pitch new potential clients using both email and LinkedIn.  All I can say is that I have met some of the best clients around the world via digital marketing. I have worked on freelance tasks from clients I have met via email or from LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts

All I can say is that freelancing is something that is driven by passion, determination, and persistence. To be a freelance writer, you have to go and search for individuals or companies that are looking for content writers.  They say that you attract whatever you seek or as the great poet Rumi once said, “Whatever you seek is seeking you.

About the author : Sam Kituu

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