speakersSpeakers can be any credible person who can serve as a keynote at your event, host your podcast, or give talks about your business on your behalf.

They are usually qualified in a particular industry similar to yours, and can therefore help bring an authentic voice to the work you do.

Getting a speaker to endorse or represent what you do helps gain the trust of clients because they are getting that human touch from interacting with your business. It is also refreshing to see other people talk about a business apart from the owner or its employees. This brings an extra sense of trustworthiness.

Credibility is everything when it comes to putting your products or services out there, and some well known speakers in your field can help you reach certain goals.

A few good speakers can also be motivational, or help coach your customers into the mindset you’re bringing forward.

You can hire local speakers as guests for functions, or request video content, live footage hosted on your platforms, and many other ways to collaborate in person and remotely.

Another mutual benefit of collaborating with a well-known speaker is if they mention you to their own audiences, increasing your reach and expanding your network.

Some roles you can partner up with this profession for can include

  • hosting events and podcasts
  • special guests
  • making visual video testimonials
  • motivation and coaching
  • demonstrating your products live
  • ask them to interview some clients

Browse our directory of Speakers and look at some of the work they have done through the links they have provided. Feel free to discuss projects directly with them, or contact us to help you co-ordinate your next campaign.

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