Liyat G Haile Photography

AudiovisualSpotlight - January 23, 2019

Submitted by Liyat Haile, Founder at Liyat G Haile Photography based in Melbourne, Australia. Bio: I work with families, couples and individuals who’d like their interactions, love & connections documented through lifestyle photography. Liyat’s Story: As a young girl, I remember sitting by my parents’ bookshelf at home in Ethiopia browsing through photo albums of families, weddings, …

Las Rosas: A Western Sydney Telenovela

Audiovisual - September 17, 2018

Submitted by Miranda Aguilar,  Sydney “Las Rosas, a Western Sydney Telenovela, is a new webseries production from Curious Works team of emerging, Western-Sydney based artists, the Curious Creators. We are a diverse group of artists and filmmakers who have come up through Curious Works community arts programs.” The Trailer (HD): Las Rosas, Australia’s first …

Headscarves and Carry-ons

Audiovisual - September 17, 2018

Headscarves and Carry-ons is a new podcast about black girls living abroad! Maame B lived in Melbourne, and her co-host Abi AK lives in Dubai. They’re both from Ghana in West Africa and grew up in London! Every week they’ll be talking about what it’s like to live abroad, discussing hair, work, relationships, microaggressions and …