One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in our business was re-evaluating the team performance while working on the Africa On Screen artwork in preparation for the FILM FESTIVAL which was part of Melbourne Fringe. We overcame it and eventually delivered posters and brochure artwork for them. Reflecting on the experience now, we needed to take a step backwards in order to move forward as a stronger, more solid team. We’re proud to have assisted this amazing group of people where we could and want to keep supporting their events where we can as they play a huge role in our creative community!


Africa On Screen?

Africa on Screen (AoS) is dedicated to providing a platform for the celebration of African culture, history and creative arts
through film.
Their key mission is to showcase and share with audiences in Melbourne and wider Australian society the best independent films
written, directed and performed by artists of African origin.
In 2017, AoS hosted an inaugural two-day festival in Melbourne, featuring a diverse program of films, workshops and
discussions celebrating the diversity of African culture, history and creative arts.

Their vision is to:

  • Develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the richness, complexity, and diversity of the African continent
    and its myriad vibrant cultures.
  • Build community by bringing people together to view African films, meet African filmmakers, participate in after-film
    discussions, workshops and forums to debate African issues of personal and global significance.
  • Create an audience for African Film in Melbourne and interstate in future years.
  • Serve as a resource of information about African cinema.
  • Work with young aspiring African-Australian filmmakers so that they can gain a platform to showcase their work and
    build an audience.
  • Share their passion for and knowledge of the ever-evolving continent of Africa and African cultures through film.