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Helping ‘Atypical Ambitious People’ [with Adriana Bito]

Submitted by Adriana Bito, Co-creator at H O N E S T Y Musango.

Atlanta, USA


We help Atypical Ambitious People build long lasting kickass loving organizations and communities thanks to Honesty and Engineering Quality.

Hi, I’m Adriana!

Girl From Cameroon, born in France, and raised in Paris’ popular and multicultural suburbs.

I’ve always wanted to scientifically prove that Diversity, under ALL ITS SHAPES, is beauty and strength.

That’s why I rushed into climbing the social ladder, and became Kaizen Engineer, expatriate in Cameroon by 24, working with the top of International World Class Companies.

But, despite 3 years lived between Europe, Middle-East and Africa, along with my “apparent social success”, I Burned-Out and Faced my own Depression! #JourneyFromHtoP

That’s how I discovered the impact of unconscious casual daily discriminations on us, and decided to exile in Australia, to finally make my Dream Self and my Dream Life come true… while helping other Atypical Ambitious People like me to do the same too… by continuously co-creating H O N E S T Y Musango, a social business for Peace since 2015… and sharing my ongoing Funny Financial Freedom with the World through my 3Fs #30DaysLMLCourse : The 3Ms Method to Your Own 3Fs! #FunnyFinancialFreedom

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