Who are we?

We are an Australian based Marketplace for Freelancers & Sellers established in 2015 by Skye Harrison.

POCreative partners with brands, businesses and individuals to accelerate their growth.

“Forever Free” listings are open for global creatives or vendors, and project / marketing campaign co-ordinating services for businesses can be arranged.

All users can also submit free blog posts to promote their services (and create backlinks for their SEO).

If we haven’t already, we hope to work with you in some way soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions please visit our contact page and fill out a form.

Do you have to live in Australia to register for freelance work opportunities?2019-07-15T06:31:49+10:00

You can register as a creative from anywhere in the world, as long as you can provide services remotely. Our clients usually require work such as non-stock photos or videos for their websites and social media, graphic design, voice-over recordings, royalty free music, global influencers, web design and more! The more you showcase in your profile, the higher the chances of being contacted for projects or ongoing work.

Is POCreative only for black people or People of Colour?2019-07-15T06:30:36+10:00

Although there are many definitions of what POC is, our brand is all inclusive. The name is just to acknowledge that the company was founded from the frustrations of being a creative black woman. The logo design includes a colour spectrum representing all races, cultures and colours. The middle part is black and symbolic of our core. POC therefore stands for People of Colour, People of Culture, and People of Creativity – regardless of your race.

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