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Who are we?

We are an Australian based independent creative and digital marketing agency established in 2015.
We partner with brands, businesses and individuals to accelerate their growth.
About POCreative

How we work with businesses and freelancers

*Occasionally, POCreative is asked to recommend freelancers and we take care of all the admin and communication between the client and freelancer. In that instance, we still respect the freelancers rates, and charge our own fees for co-ordinating the project/s.

There are multiple places where you can go to hire creative talent, and all of them are great. In fact, we encourage our talent to advertise their services on multiple platforms.

What you get from POCreative is the option to search for help on a project when it’s an emergency (and you need a fast turnaround), OR when you’re on a tight budget – still willing to pay but need flexible rates.

We allow you to contact our community of freelancers directly and negotiate your rates.

If you want to use our services to find the right talent for your project, and within budget, contact us directly instead.

Business Services
POCreative is a free platform for you to advertise your freelance services, while growing your own brand or business as a creative.

By creating an impressive profile, recruiters can contact you directly for once-off or ongoing projects.

When a client contacts you, it is up to you the freelancer to select your rates, and send a professional invoice to the client with your payment details. It is also your responsibility to follow up on payments.

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Startups, Charities and Individuals we’ve worked with


Great customer service with a swift response on problem solving and able to create outstanding innovative ideas to match the client needs. Love the work guys please keep up the hard work.

Great work by a great experienced girl! With 10 years of experience under her belt, I am sure to trust her with my branding. A Great combination of social media and PR skills!

Tina Dochana, Euphorium

Attended a Social Media workshop with Sakhile.
It was invaluable to say the least – Sakhile is great at sharing her passion and it’s an incredible initiative to bring diverse like minded people together.
Thank you so much!

Sonali Thakrar, Startup Founder

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